Caught in This Feeling…

She won’t knock. She will simply walk through that door any time from now, and flare this place up with her charm. That is how she had entered my life; at a time when the burden of believing that I can write weighed heaviest. I am certain that on perceiving the aroma of the meticulous … Continue reading Caught in This Feeling…


On God and Faith

Some recent discussions have stirred in me an inevitable desire to put down my opinion on the above mentioned subjects. In particular they were discussions concerning the ideas of religious convictions and god. To clearly demonstrate my thoughts on the issues, I intent to, foremost, task myself to describe the concept of god and faith. … Continue reading On God and Faith

Quite Devotion; On Religion

Whether an individual find meaning in sciences, religion or other practices, the only cautions that ought to concern his or her reasoning are those of laws of nature and moral laws. Every person should lead a life of quiet piety, devoted to his or her deity. A life guided by reason and motivated by service to others, bearing in mind that we are all nothingness.